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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dubli, The next best thing set to top Ebay!!!


Would your life have been 'different' if you had joined as a business partner in Ebay, Google, Amazon or Yahoo at the launch stage?
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Right now, you CAN HAVE YOUR SHARE.

DubLi is growing 10 times faster than ebaY throughout North America and all countries in the European Union. DubLi will launch in Australia and New Zealand in November 2009.

WHAT IS DUBLI- Background information on the business.

Dubli Is massive in all of Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico and is about to launch in Australia and New Zealand. Dubli is already Europe and North America's largest shopping portal and will grow to be the world's biggest.

There are a number of ways to make money with Dubli and the biggest one is to get paid for growing your customer base. All you need to do is to introduce customers to Dubli and you will receive commissions.

Customers love Dubli and the fact is that every customer you join, that customer will tell and introduce five friends every two months. All of these customers become you customers, your customer base spreads virally.

So, if all you can do is sit in front of the computer and email gift vouchers to your contacts, then you WILL make good money with Dubli. Sounds to easy, well this is the fact.

A farmer in Switzerland joined Dubli three years ago and personally joined only 150 customers. He now has a customer base of over 130,000 and earns over AU$100,000 per month in commissions. There are many more stories like this one. You will be next...

IF YOU ARE AN EXISTING NETWORK MARKETER: $1,000,000 cash reward is waiting. This will be the easiest $1,000,000 you ever make. Dubli are offering $1,000,000 cash for every business associate who achieve the level of VP by January 2011. If you have an existing network this will be the easiest money you and members of your network have ever made.

IF YOU ARE NOT AN EXISTING NETWORK MARKETER: $1,000,000 cash reward is waiting. You may find that you are even more successful than many network marketers.

DUBLI has the potential to have 400 Million customers worldwide. In ten months in the USA 5000 Business Associates share commissions from 1.24 million customers. It is growing ten times faster than Ebay ever did and EBay turns over $67 Billion per year, DUBLI will be as big. Unlike ebay all items on this site are new brand named products with factory warranties. All products have a lowest price guarantee or they beat the price by 10%.

All major stores in Australia are lining up to be a part. In America, stores like Toys'r'us, Best Western, Dell, Disney shop, Home Depot, Macy's, Marriott hotels, OfficeMax, Target, K-Mart, Avon, NBA store, Lego, Nickelodeon, AVIS, Blockbuster and 100's of other suppliers.

Brand Name products like Nintendo Wii, Lenove computers, iPod, Nikon Cameras, LCD Tv's, Gift vouchers, Gucci, Cars, Accommodation, Air Travel, Car Hire, Restaurant Vouchers, Books, Office Stationery, Garden Supplies, Jewellery, Pets supplies, all the big brands at the lowest prices possible with factory warantees.

There are two fun auction sites:

* Reverse Auctions: Items you want to buy start at the lowest possible price and reduce.
* Unique Lowest Bid Prices, where the lowest unique bid wins the prize.

DUBLI Launches in Australia in November and they advertise by using BA's (Business Associates), like you and me. We get paid and paid well to find customers for Dubli. If you can send an email then this business will work for you. The Dubli shopping portal will open in May 2010.

Dubli Facts:

* This is already live in USA with over 1.24 million customers and live in Europe with over 3 million customers.

* DUBLI is in pre-launch in Australia.
* Reps who joined pre launch in USA 10 months ago are earning up to $500,000 per month.
* Your customers love Dubli so much they grow your customer base for you, you just need to get the ball rolling.
* You will receive commissions from your customers ongoing once they have joined under you.
* Customers use this site because the products are better value through Dubli, even though they are delivered by your local stores.
* This is a real business and not a "learn how to make money on the internet scheme."
* DUBLI is willable to your heirs and you can sell your business.
* This is in pre launch, The time is NOW!
* If you can email you will make money, if you know someone who can email, you will make money.

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